Jasmine Clayton

Hey GorJazz Hotties!

First things first - Black Friday and Cyber Monday was so fun! Can't wait to do it again next year. Yall really showed up and showed out - love yall! 

Second - I recently dropped a new product; Holo Body Shimmer Spray! The options for the sprays are aligned with the Chakra healing system as well.

I've made a tiny batch first (one of each color) to see how yall react to it. (P.S. - I'm just gonna tell you right now.. they smell SO good! I'm not even lying.)

I've have also finally completed my Chakra Healing Infused Lipgloss collection! All 7 Chakra options are now available.

Head over to the catalog or collections section to take a look. 
See you at checkout! 


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